Monday, September 9, 2013

London Calling

Denver (DIA) to London (LHR)

Courtney and I at DIA

Packed and ready to deport to London, I arrived to the airport with one backpack and one suitcase. The task of packing for a semester abroad was actually not as difficult as I had thought it would be.

First night in London, UK

After being awed by the size and atmosphere of a Boeing 777, Courtney and I landed in London. We navigated the Tube and walked an hour with all of our luggage to our hotel (which experience). I am so proud of that fact that we made it to our hotel. We stayed at the London School of Economics in Southwark, just south of the Thames River.

Courtney and I at Southwark Cathedral

After meeting up with Maddy and Sam we walked around the river, explored a little bit, grabbed a quick bite to eat and drank a little Sangria. Once our stomachs were full of delicious food and drink, we headed to Camben to see Hoodie Allen at KOKO. The concert was absolutely wonderful and KOKO was one of the coolest venues I have ever been to.

Dinner in Borough Market
(Maddy, Courtney, Myself, Sam)

The rooftop terrace of KOKO

Hoodie Allen preforming No Interruption 

The following day we hopped on one of the famed red colored, open-roofed tour buses and traveled all over the place. Although the weather was a little cloudy and rainy, we were able to see so many sites and attractions. There is so much to see here! The tour bus was probably one of the easiest ways to see the city and gage where everything is. 

Maddy and I braving the rain

The London Eye

Big Ben

The Marble Arch

Maddy taking a little nap...jet lag 

During the evening we walked along the Thames River and were able to see the city well lit and alive with tourist and locals alike. Big Ben and the London Eye, as well as the London Bridge, are some of the most beautiful attractions to see at night.

Evening explorations

The London Eye at night

Saturday we went to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards. I was not quite sure what I was watching, but the men in red coats and tall black fuzzy hats looked important. I am so glad I was able to see it! After, we walked over to Westminster Abbey. Prince William and Kate were married in quite the venue!

On the way

Changing of the guards and the flag atop Buckingham Palace

Exploring Hyde Park

The Globe Theater is about two minutes away from our hotel, so being the Shakespeare fanatic that I am; we went to go see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was one of the best productions that have ever seen. To think that I watched a play at the Globe Theater is still something I cannot quite grasp. The thought actually gives me chills.

Sam and I at the Globe Theater waiting for A Midsummer Night's Dream to begin

Sunday we met up with Sam’s youth minister, Erwin, and explored the city. After going through some of the exhibits at the Tate Museum where we were able to see some of Picasso and Monet’s work. For lunch we ended up in Soho and had a wonderful lunch at a fun Thai restaurant. After we walked over towards the National Gallery we headed to Camden to check out the market. 

The girls outside of the National Gallary

I loved it. The eclectic group of people and sales was super cool to check out. Once our feet began to hurt and we were soaked from the rain, the four of us went to a local pub to sit and enjoy the atmosphere around the Camden area.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is: I’m sorry America; it’s not you, it’s me. I have fallen in love with London and don’t know if I can ever leave (Just joking, Mom). 

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