Monday, October 21, 2013

Chocolate Wasted in Perugia

Once upon an Oktoberfest, a man from the Umbrian city, Perugia, was inspired by the festivities and decided to replicating such an event in his own city, using a more typical Perugian product—chocolate! 

Sam, Kasey, and I decided that this was a festival we could not miss out on. So on Saturday we hoped on a bus with Florence for Fun (a student travel company) to head to the 20th anniversary of Eurochocolate in Perugia. 

The festival itself took over much of the main part of town, which sits upon a tall hill with very scenic views. After taking in some of the views we were given a chococard, which allowed us to receive ten samples or goodies from various chocolate-venders at the festival. In pursuit of taking full advantage of the card we went to explore the streets of Perugia. 

I have never been in the presence of so much chocolate ever. You could say that I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There were so many different flavors, combinations, and forms of chocolate. There was chocolate merchandise, such as clocks, phone cases, lamps, etc., as well as an unbelievable amount of chocolate bars. The Greek gyro had taken a new form, rather than filling pita-bread with lamb, a new chocolate version was being served. That was a little too adventurous for my taste buds, so I went in search of the chocolate Baileys with the girls. 

The Chocolate Baileys was delicious

.....a perfect addition to your hot chocolate this winter!

There were so many people here to celebrate chocolate in all its wonderful forms. Sam and I got a quick chocolaty snack. Warmed Nutella covered strawberries. It was divine. 

In addition to all of the chocolate venders, we were able to see some beautiful ceramic plates, ornaments, and trinkets. We checked out the work of a local artist. I snapped a quick picture of my favorite piece. And what doesn’t go better with chocolate than cheese and wine? We sampled a couple wines from a local winery and settled on a pinot grigio (Ramona Singer would be proud) and decided to skip the cheese. 

Look! Even chocolate people...I mean, marionettes?

Had to skip the carnival due to excess consumption of chocolate 

I had such a great time in Perugia and would recommend checking out Florence for Fun for some fun weekend travel! 

A beautiful end to a chocolaty day

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