Sunday, November 17, 2013


A few weekends ago a day trip to Venice that I had signed up for was canceled. My friend Miranda and I decided this was a city that we were had to go visit, so we went!

After a 3.5-hour bus ride and a quick journey along “The People Mover”, we were in Venice!

I’ve always heard and seen pictures of the numerous bridges all over the city, but it took seeing it to really understand how many bridges there really were. It total there are 409 bridges connecting the 117 small islands that makes up this city.

The best thing about all the bridges…photo ops!

We headed over to Piazza San Marco where we explored the square and some of the shopping venders along the water.

Unfortunately the facade of St. Mark's Basilica was being renovated, but I have heard it is simply beautiful!

...The Campanile

...and suddenly we spotted this!

A pink man/woman/baby sculpture? All I have to say is…Why?

The two of us had heard of the amazing glass museum that was in Venice so we bought our tickets for the Waterborne (boat taxi) and headed over to the island of Murano. Little did we know it would take around an hour to get there. Oops!

Once at Murano we didn’t have much time to get back over to the main part of the city to meet up with our group to head back to Florence. So we saw a pretty glass sculpture outside of the museum and called it good.

We made it back in time to do some shopping and thoroughly explore the public transportation part of the city.

Venice is so beautiful at night! 

Although we weren’t able to see as much as we had wanted to, Venice was beautiful and provided me with some very funny memories that I will probably never forget. Also, I needed a reason to go back and explore Venice for more than just a few hours in the future.

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